Dealing with people is one of the best things in the world. We are simply in love with the Contact Centre. But it is not just love that we do: we do know our profession. We understand and speak the language of our clients and their clients' as well. We approach all the tasks with professional humility and we are all working for one purpose: to create value. Work here is often about solving problems, but we know from experience that a few good words and smiles are what will take us forward beyond applying the tried and tested processes. We believe in human relationships and our credo is that what we do is not purely about work:
This is about customer SERVICE! This is what Protocall is about.

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Social equality

We are convinced that all colleagues at the workplace are to be assessed based on results. For this reason, we categorically reject all religious, ethnic, sexual, gender identity based, social and other discrimination. With our conviction, we joined the WeAreOpen community in 2017, further emphasising our commitment to welcoming our new colleagues free of prejudice.

Support for beginners

All employees used to be beginners in their career. For us, it is extremely important to support them in "getting into their career". We try to help beginners by offering a range of professional competitions, self-sponsored awards and competitions. In addition, we openly welcome students whose thesis happens to require the assistance of a customer service centre.

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Employment of disabled workers

Of course with our principles we also welcome colleagues with disabilities at our workplace. In addition to their employment, we continue to shape an inclusive, tolerant working environment, and can hopefully have an effect on society too through providing training, internal communications and newspapers, and many other channels.

Helping workers with small children

From the moment of the birth of a child, a mother is entrusted with the most beautiful responsibility in the world. We know from experience how much it can mean to moms with small children if their workplace readily welcomes them either as new colleagues or returning ones.
And we do exactly that.

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Employment of the elderly

Is a number - your age - really decisive whether someone willing to work hard is able to do so or not? Our answer is a definite no. The introduction of pension cooperatives opened a new chapter for our company too: through our ProActive Pensioner Cooperative (ProAktív Nyugdíjas Szövetkezet), we also welcome older people who want to work, and they are just as respected in our team as the younger colleagues.

Environmentally conscious behaviour

"We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." In the spirit of David Brower's generally valid thought, we strive to set an example for our environment that will help secure the future of our planet and the next generations, at many community-building events and in our daily work too.

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Stress-free workplace

Stress reduction not only means more emotionally balanced colleagues, but also more emotionally balanced people in society. To this end, we support home office and make sure that our employees get to have sufficient and quality leisure time. We welcome our colleagues with modern and tasteful offices, training courses, team building programs, and we also offer opportunities for sports for leisure time.

Power-saving technologies

A sustainable future begins today. We use energy-saving light bulbs in our offices, turn off our devices at the end of the day, and avoid consuming unnecessary energy in unutilised rooms. These are maybe small things, but every big change starts with small things.

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Selective waste collection

This is one of the most successful examples of how a small change of mind can bring about a change of attitude.

Bicycles are our friends

We love to ride a bike, so it's only natural to provide a bike storage area for everyone who thinks life is best on two wheels.

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We follow the motto of "Keeping body and soul intact", and thus we promote a healthy lifestyle and exercise culture in three areas:

Our company is the sponsor of the Gyulai István Memorial - Hungarian Athletics Grand Prize, the sponsor of MTK Budapest FC football club and the sponsor of the Pick Szeged handball team.

In addition, we also reformed the custom of Christmas corporate gifts. Instead of spending on things we buy for each other, we each decided to support a foundation on behalf of our co-workers.


Anita Metz
Managing Director

Anita, who started her career with First Pest City Telephone Company Plc (Első Pesti Telefontársaság) and MC Direct, has worked as a management member for 16 of her 20 years in the contact centre sector. In 2009, she took over the management of the Protocall call centre - until her appointment in 2019, she proved herself many times by leading hundreds of telesales and customer service projects. She loves to read with a passion. Like Károly, she enjoys football, what's more, she doesn't just watch it, but often gets down to actually playing the sport in the field.

András Lőrincz
Business Development Manager

In the past 10 years in customer service and telesales, András was always able to leverage his knowledge and experience in various positions. Having gained experience as a Supervisor and Project Manager at Studio Moderna and then at Protocall, he was appointed in 2014 to his current position and proved to be an excellent choice as an experienced specialist for contact centre development and telesales project management. András is interested in body weight training workouts for sports training, and he likes to spend his leisure time with the travel-music-gastronomy triangle.



"Év Kiváló Call Centere"
(Outstanding Call Centre of the Year)


"Év Kiváló Call Centere"
(Outstanding Call Centre of the Year)


"Év Kiváló Call Centere"
(Outstanding Call Centre of the Year)


"Az Év Kereskedője award"
(Merchant of the Year Award)
(BKIK, XII. district)


"Szerethető Munkahely award"
(Lovely Workplace award)


"Szerethető Munkahely award"
(Lovely Workplace award)


Employer Branding special award

We need a team – preferably the best one!

We believe that if we are to become the best, we must collaborate with the best. We provide for every customer need by the best possible combination of dedicated teams of professionals from three fields.


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